Huśtawki / Swings


„Huśtawka czarna”, 2008
hel, plastik
wymiar: 7m

„Huśtawka biała”, 2011
hel, plastik
wymiar: 6m
Praca nagrodzona na Biennale Lorne Sculpture Australia 2011


„Black Swing”, 2008
helium, plastic
size: 7m

„White Swing”, 2011
helium, plastic
size: 6m
The work was awarded at the Biennale Lorne Sculpture Australia 2011

„Buczkowska is discrete in suggesting sense. Huśtawki /The Swings , perhaps the best known among the artist’s works has an implicit contradiction in it being distinct and volatile at the same time – the swings are carried by balloons made of black plastic which makes them look like boulders and is reminiscent of the body bags.  Apart from that, why is this symbol of erotic adolescence, childhood playfulness, flying away?”

txt: Magdalena Ujma